About CompTracker

By a CrossFitter ... for CrossFitters

As the founder of CompTracker, I'm proud to say that I've owned a CrossFit gym since 2008 and currently have my L3.

CompTracker was developed based on a registration tracking app I built for martial arts events. I then added live scoring for a fundraising event recently hosted by my gym, CrossFit 782, and CompTracker was born.

Because this is a new application and we're consistently working to improve things, please let us know what you think and if there is something we could do better to fit your needs.

Thank you,

Mike Ives
Owner, CrossFit 782

We want your feedback.

CompTracker is a free service built on the same platform as MemberTracker (our gym management system).

Call us at 1-888-808-3302 if you have any questions about CompTracker or MemberTracker.

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