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Maritime mayhem

Maritime Mayhem 2019 $80.00

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We are happy to be hosting the Maritime Mayhem 2019 on November 23rd. It's going to be a fun filled single person competiton with 4 divisions - RX, Masters (40+), Scaled, and Icebreaker. There will be 2 WODs, a Strength component and a finals WOD. Sign up for a great day of competition at CrossFit Moncton!!
Please print and sign a copy of the waiver to bring with you! :)

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Movement standards:

RX Division
Snatch (any variation) 135/95#
Clean (any variation) 185/125#
Shoulder-to-Overhead 155/105#
Front Squat 155/105#
KB Swings / Snatch 2/1.5pood
Dumbbell Movements 50/35#
Deadlifts 225/135#
Overhead Squats 135/95
Muscle Ups (Ring and bar)
Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
Handstand Push-ups
Double Unders
Handstand Walks
Wallballs 20/14# @ 10/9'

Scaled / Masters
Snatch (any variation) 95/65#
Clean (any variation) 135/95#
Shoulder-to-Overhead 115/80#
Overhead Squats 95/65#
Front Squat 115/80#
KB Swings / Snatch 1.5/1pood
Dumbbell Movements 35/20
Deadlifts 155/105#
Hanging knee raises
Double Unders
Wallballs 20/14# @ 10/9'

Ice Breaker
Snatch (any variation) 65/45#
Clean (any variation) 95/65#
Shoulder-to-Overhead 85/55#
Overhead Squats 65/45#
Front Squat 85/55#
KB Swings 1.5/1pood
Dumbbell Movements 35/20#
Deadlifts 115/85#
Ring rows
Single skips
Wallballs 20/10# @ 9'

Enter name of team if partner or team comp.

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